Trainees are employed by an NHS Trust for the duration of the programme and will spend time in a range of settings, before specialising in the last two years of the programme.

The aim of the STP is to produce graduates who will possess the essential knowledge, skills, experience and attributes required of a newly-qualified Clinical Scientist in the NHS. They will be able to undertake complex scientific and clinical roles, defining and choosing investigative and clinical options, making key judgements about complex facts and clinical situations within a quality assurance framework.

Many will work directly with patients and all will have an impact on patient care and outcomes. They will be involved, often in lead roles, in innovation and improvement, research and development and/or education and training.

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    Useful information for anyone interested in applying to the Scientist Training Programme.

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    Information and resources to help current STP trainees during their training.

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    Training standards, guidance and resources for STP training officers and assessors.

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    Take a look at what previous STP trainees have submitted as their research project abstract.

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    Trainees, training officers and alumni from a selection of specialties talk about their training, roles and life in healthcare science.