Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence (2023)

The Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence (IACC) 2023 assesses your readiness to practise as a newly qualified, threshold entry Clinical Scientist.


About the STP final assessment

The final assessment for the Scientist Training Programme (STP) is designed to assess your readiness to practice which is defined by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as having the “skill, knowledge, character and health they need to practice their profession safely and effectively.” (HCPC, 2016, p11).

The IACC assesses your readiness to practice as a newly qualified, threshold entry Clinical Scientist as defined by the HCPC Standards of Proficiency for a Clinical Scientist (2014).

In this assessment you will need to demonstrate your:

1. Ability to work safely and effectively at the level of a newly qualified clinical scientist in your specialty

“Your scope of practice is the area or areas of your profession in which you have the knowledge, skills and experience to practise lawfully, safely and effectively, in a way that meets our standards and does not pose any danger to the public or to yourself” (HCPC, 2014, p4)

2. Ability to ensure appropriate standards and patient safety are maintained at all times

“As long as you make sure that you are practising safely and effectively within your given scope of practice and do not practise in the areas where you are not proficient to do so” (HCPC, 2014, p4)

3. Recognition of the scope of your own competence and readiness to practise as an autonomous professional, and explaining how you will self-regulate to maintain professional standards including patient safety

“Work within the limits of your knowledge and skills” (HCPC, 2016, p6)

“As an autonomous professional, you need to make informed, reasoned decisions about your practice to ensure that you meet the standards that apply to you. This includes seeking advice and support … to ensure that the wellbeing of service users is safeguarded at all times. So long as you do this and can justify your decisions if asked to” (HCPC, 2014, p5)


Last updated on 1st March 2024