The different methods of assessment

Across its university and work-based components, the STP makes significant assessment demands. There is a substantial amount of assessment across the three years and a variety of different types of assessment.


Work-based assessment

The School uses the term ‘work-based assessments’ to refer to the range of observational, face-to-face assessment experiences that trainees are required to engage in, across most modules, throughout their training.

Midterm Review of Progression

The School conduct’s a review of a trainees’ progression towards development as a Clinical Scientist at approximately half way through the programme. This is usually in March/April of the second year.

Participation in the Midterm Review of Progression by trainees and their training officers is mandatory.

Multi-Source Feedback

Trainees are required to initiate two Multi-Source Feedback assessments during training. The first at around the 18-month point of  training and the second at around the 30-month point.

Final assessment

The final assessment takes place in the summer of a trainee’s third year on the programme. It assesses a trainee’s readiness to practice as a newly qualified, threshold entry Clinical Scientist as defined by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Standards of Proficiency for a Clinical Scientist.


Last updated on 29th December 2023