The different methods of assessment

The STP programme, across its university and work-based components, will make significant assessment demands of you. There is a substantial amount of assessment across your three years and a real variety of different types of assessment.

Graphic showing STP trainees how they will be assessed on the programme

Graphic showing STP trainees how they will be assessed on the programme

Summary of the infographic 'How will I be assessed?'

How will I be assessed?

  • Workplace – competencies and work-based assessments: both recorded and assessed in the e-portfolio
  • University – research project and examinations
  • Mid-term review of progression – independent evaluation of progress
  • Final assessment – end of programme assessment

Types of assessment methods used on the programme

Work-based assessment

You will be assessed in the workplace throughout your training.

We use the term ‘work-based assessments’ to refer to the range of observational, face-to-face assessment experiences that you are required to engage in across most of your modules.

Midterm review of progression (MRP)

We conduct a review of STP trainees’ progression towards development as Clinical Scientists at approximately half way through the programme, usually in March/April of the second year.

Participation in the MRP by trainees and their training officers is mandatory.

Multi-source feedback (MSF)

Trainees are required to initiate two Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) assessments during their training – the first at around the 18-month point of their training, and the second at around the 30-month point.

Final assessment

The final examination is when we assess the practical skills that you are expected to have mastered, underpinned by your scientific knowledge, prior to registration as a Clinical Scientist.

This will take place in the summer of your third year on the programme.

Last updated on 14th July 2022