STP Curriculum FAQs for trainees

A collection of commonly asked questions related to the STP curriculum.

Can I get APL if I have already obtained a master’s in my specialism?

The master’s degree part of the programme is designed to complement the work based training and it is essential to complete both. You would need to speak directly to the particular University that is delivering the STP master’s programme to see if they will give you any exemptions.

I am having trouble setting up my rotation; who can help me?

Speak to your training officer to help find a solution. Your training officer should contact the School if they are having difficulties helping you. The Practice Education Facilitator (if there is one in your Trust) should also be able to help.

Is there a definitive date for the completion of the rotation competencies?

We encourage all trainees to complete their rotational competencies before beginning their specialist training period. This is normally approximately 15 months after the commencement of your training.

Is the six week elective module on the STP compulsory?

The six weeks for the elective rotation do not have to be taken in one block. The rotation can be split up into three sets of two weeks or two sets of three weeks etc.

I am going abroad for my elective rotation, how do I organise indemnity insurance?

Provision of indemnity insurance for elective periods should be arranged by the host employer and could be achieved by setting up a secondment or oversees agreement or honorary contract via the local HR department. As the School does not employ the trainees there is no programme wide cover as elective periods are tailored to each individual trainee and therefore supported at a local level as each elective opportunity is different. We would recommend that the department speak to their HR department to make the necessary arrangements.

Can I obtain professional registration by completing the STP?

You will be eligible to apply for registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) on completion of the STP. For anyone commencing on programme from 2018 onwards, the School’s Certificate of Completion (STPCC) will be accepted for registration purposes. For anyone commencing on programme from 2016 and 2017, the Certificate of Attainment from the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) is also required along with the School’s CCSTP.

Click this link for more information about equivalence.

I’m a trainee on the STP, how will the curriculum content review affect me?

Making sure your training gets you ready to work at the highest level in healthcare, understanding and advising on the most recent advances in technology and innovations is vitally important. Reviewing and developing a curriculum to these high standards takes time. If you’re currently on the STP it is unlikely that you will be affected by curriculum review. If you will be affected, we will be in touch to let you know when and how your training will change.

We want to know what you think of the STP, your feedback helps us shape the curriculum and the programme. See how you can contribute to STP Curriculum Content Review Project and do look out for other opportunities to give your feedback.

Are OCEs in specialist modules an essential requirement for completion of training or can I just complete using CBDs and DOPS?

We would not advise limiting your assessments to just DOPs and CBDs; completion of OCEs is important in your development as a clinical scientist. This might include advising a clinical colleague or patient under supervision, or simulation on the procedure for a test or specialised sample collection.

Local trainee networks can be very helpful to guide you with further suggestions, details of these groups can be found on our website if you are not already in contact with them.

Last updated on 31st August 2021