Your STP curriculum

Your training programme is made up of a series of modules detailed in the curriculum for your specialty. Your programme combines core, rotation and specialist modules, which can be found in the Curriculum Library.


About the curriculum library

The Curriculum Library details all the competencies and assessments that you are required to demonstrate and undertake in your workplace for STP.


What modules do I have to take?

In every specialty, the core and rotation modules are compulsory. In most specialties the specialist modules are also compulsory but in some there is a choice of specialty modules. Where this is the case, you must agree with your Training Officer which modules you will follow in order to meet the specific workforce need for your post.

All of your modules contain work-based competencies and most contain assessments that you are required to demonstrate and undertake. These have to be signed off by an appropriate assessor in your workplace. In order to complete a module, you must complete all the competencies contained in the module plus the required combination of work-based assessments specified for the module.


Rotation modules

You will complete four rotations and at least one of the rotations will be in your own specialty. The rotations are designed to provide you with an understanding of practice in areas related to your specialty. You will experience practice in different departments or Trust to see how different service providers operate, helping you to understand more of the patient pathway.

Rotations also encourage new learning to be brought back into your own area of practice. They are useful for expanding professional networks outside of your specialty and they can help you appreciate different ways of working.

You will need to complete competencies and work-based assessments for each rotation to provide evidence of your learning and reflections from your rotation experiences. It’s a good idea to complete both your competencies and assessments either during or immediately after your rotation experience.

Your Training Officer should have a plan for your rotational year available at the beginning of the programme. If you do not have one in place speak to your Training Officer. You may be asked to help with contacting the relevant trainers in the rotational departments.


Core modules

The core modules will help you to develop all the professional skills needed by a Clinical Scientist. These modules will introduce you to important concepts underpinning practice in healthcare and healthcare science. You will contribute to the development of practice in your specialist field by completing a project which will be supported by your University. You will also have the opportunity to develop your own individual practice by identifying an area of your practice where you can engage in continuing professional development.


Specialist modules

Your specialist modules will provide all the skills and knowledge you need to start work as a Clinical Scientist in your specialty. To complete these modules, you may be based in a single department or laboratory, or you may be situated in other training environments.

Last updated on 15th December 2022