Case study

My apprenticeship journey in Clinical Engineering by Elliot Rollings

Find out about Elliot's apprenticeship journey and his experiences so far.


My name is Elliot Rollings and I am currently 5 months into the Medical Engineering apprenticeship program. Prior to this apprenticeship I did 4 years at college, the first two years completing A-Levels in Maths, Geography and Geology, and the second two years studying a BTEC in Engineering. I’ve always had a passion for engineering and have always wanted to work within the NHS to make a positive difference to the lives of people who require medical care. I found out about the apprenticeship through the NHS Jobs website as I was actively searching for a role within the NHS that suits my passion for engineering. The application and recruitment process went smoothly, even through the times of COVID-19. Once my application was sent and accepted I was invited to attend the assessment day. We were split into groups of 3 and my group was first to complete the numeracy and literature aptitude tests, then following on from this we were greeted by two very welcoming and friendly members of staff – Omran and Chris. They told us about the apprenticeship program and how successful previous year’s apprentices have been; we also got to talk to some of the current apprentices about their thoughts on the program. They then gave us a trade test to assess our puzzle solving skills and hands-on abilities.

After this assessment day I was invited back for an interview. I was welcomed again by Omran and Chris, as well as another member of staff, Dan, and Donna from the training provider Avensys. The thought of a panel interview can be daunting, however everyone greeted me with a smile and this instantly put me at ease. I was asked questions regarding my passion for engineering and why I wanted to work for the NHS, the interview flew by, and soon after I was called back to St James Hospital in Leeds and received an offer for the job.

I am currently 5 months in to my role and it is everything, plus more, of what I had wished for. I have been welcomed in to the team and the training is exceptional, with every member of staff always willing to help with any questions I have. Throughout my apprenticeship I will be rotating through a number of different medical Physics and engineering departments, mainly within Radiotherapy Services and Clinical Engineering, but also in areas such as Rehabilitation Engineering. Currently my placement is within Radiotherapy Services and every day has been exciting and I have learnt something new, it has been extremely interesting to see how the service runs from behind the scenes and all of the work that goes in to running and maintaining the amazing machines that help and treat those with cancer. I have become a much better person already, and I feel proud to be a part of such a great program.

Although I have only been here a few months I have already learnt knowledge and skills that I will use for the rest of my life and I am very excited to see what the future holds. The college side of the apprenticeship provides background and surrounding knowledge as to why we do what we do. For example we have learnt about the importance of health and safety and the importance our role as an apprentice has on patients, staff and the NHS itself. My goal after completing this apprenticeship is to move on to the Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship which many prior apprentices are currently on.

Apprentice profile

Name: Elliot Rollings
Age: 20 years
Apprenticeship: 1st year Level 4 Healthcare Science Diploma Apprentice
Employer: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Training Provider: Dudley College / Avensys Medical

Last updated on 9th August 2021