Last Updated: 16th August 2019

How to start an MSF

After your details are validated you should see the message contained in the screenshot below indicating that you can create an MSF.

Screenshot showing the create MSF feature in Clarity

Fig. Clarity create MSF screen

To start an MSF, click the Blue “Create MSF” button. Note the on-screen guidance, then click the “Start MSF” button.

Screenshot showing the start an MSF feature in Clarity

Fig. Clarity start an MSF screen

At this point you may either perform your personal self-assessment by clicking “Start now” or begin nominating raters. Each rater is automatically alerted and invited to provide their feedback once you have entered their name and email address and clicked “Send”.

One of your raters should be your HSST supervisor.

Screenshot showing the nominated raters feature in Clarity

Fig. Clarity nominated raters screen

When performing your self-assessment, you must answer all of the questions, including the free-text response questions. When you have finished, click the “Complete” button. On the next screen, clicking “Go back to MSF” will return you to your MSF dashboard, where you can continue to nominate raters. You may return to your self-assessment at any point within the 21-day period to update your own judgements.