Last Updated: 16th August 2019

How to submit your MSF to OneFile

Following any review and discussion with your HSST Supervisor, you may wish to upload your MSF Report to OneFile. To do this, create an MSF Submission (ensuring you upload your MSF Report as evidence within the submission) to the HSST MSF Module in your portfolio. This module is a ‘zero-weighted’ module and any submissions into it will not count towards your overall progress in your portfolio. To create an MSF Submission, create a new submission as you normally would, but ensure you select “Multi-Source Feedback” as the submission type.

Screenshot showing the start new submission feature in OneFile

Fig. OneFile start a new submission screen

In the MSF module in OneFile there are four criteria options when uploading your MSF. Select one of these options and attach the PDF copy of your MSF report in the evidence area of your submission. Sign and send your MSF to your Supervisor for sign off.

Screenshot showing the MSF progress in OneFile

Fig. OneFile MSF progress screen