Consultation on updates to the criteria for mandatory qualifications in apprenticeships

Aiming to improve how qualifications are used and operate within apprenticeships.

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8th February 2023
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The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) have opened a survey on proposed changes to the requirements used for including mandatory qualification (a qualification which is mandated in the occupational standard, to be completed by an apprentice as part of their apprenticeship). This is intended to ensure that only awards which are necessary for apprentices and employers are included. IfATE are also presenting proposals to integrate mandated qualification’s assessments with the apprenticeship end-point-assessment.

Healthcare science apprenticeship standards currently have a mandated award at diploma or degree. These awards have been developed by Healthcare Scientists and employers. They ensure that qualifications and training deliver employer-defined knowledge, skills and behaviours that apprentices must complete to prove they can do the job. Mandated awards in an apprenticeship provide consistency of training, are quality assured and contribute importantly to patient safety. Having well defined qualifications allow healthcare science staff to progress and move within the sector. They can be a requirement of employer selection criteria enabling employers to fairly judge the education and training of applicants. These important aspects are supported by the delivery of independent end-point-assessments performed by appropriately qualified Healthcare Scientists.

The closing date for survey submissions is midnight on 17th February 2023.

Click this link to complete the consultation survey.

Last updated on 8th February 2023

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