Do you know a woman in STEM who should be recognised as a COVID hero?

Women in STEM have significantly helped to improve the lot of individuals, communities and the economy throughout the pandemic. However, the names and actions of many of these women remain unknown.

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6th December 2021
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Healthcare science

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) have helped improve our lives, communities and economy for the better.

The Chief Scientific Officer for England Professor Dame Sue Hill wants to learn, share, and celebrate the stories of unsung COVID heroes – to shine a light on women in STEM whose actions and brilliance have helped many through this unprecedented time.

The nominations and lead up to the Awards will explore the following themes:

What is a Hero? – Awareness

We will shine a light on the many STEM roles of which the general public may not be aware. Such roles are likely to include those of lab technicians, engineers, healthcare scientists, data modelling and academic researchers, among others. The aim is to change ideas around what a hero looks like.

What is a Hero? – Recognition

We will recognise women who, through STEM, have played an essential role in finding solutions to COVID-19. We will share and celebrate their work.

What is a Hero? – Inspire

We aim to inspire more women and girls to consider a STEM career and help them to understand how this work might help them to contribute to society as a whole.

Using an open nomination process, the COVID Unsung Heroes Awards – Celebrating Women in STEM (#CUHA22) will bring recognition to women who are making a positive difference through STEM. By spotlighting STEM roles that have been essential to our society during the pandemic, the awards will recognise the importance of STEM and the women who are making a real impact through their work.

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Last updated on 26th May 2022

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