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This announcement only affects 1st and 2nd year STP trainees

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19th July 2018
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Since October 2017 we have begun to use OneFile with all participants on the HSST programme, with some small pilot groups of new STP trainees and with some trainees on the Practitioner Training Programme (PTP).

These early users of OneFile are providing the School with valuable information that will help us ensure the needs of all trainees are met when we roll out OneFile to current first and second year STP trainees and to new 2018 STP starters in the autumn.

We would like to share with you our updated plan for the move to OneFile and some associated deadlines for the coming months. The move to OneFile will require that we ask all OLAT users to work to a series of deadlines, after which no new activity should be carried out on OLAT, and by which all existing assessments and competencies submitted on OLAT will need to be signed off.

After these deadlines, a copy of trainee achievements to-date will be taken from OLAT and migrated to OneFile. When you first login to OneFile you will see that your progress to date, taken from OLAT, is mirrored in OneFile. In order to achieve that migration of your achievement record, we will work with you according to the following schedule:

Friday 31 August, 17:00: All MSFs should be submitted for rating. Any competencies & assessments intended to be reviewed on OLAT should be submitted for sign-off.
Friday 21 September, 17:00: Any outstanding competencies and assessments should be signed off by their assessor/reviewer. Any MSFs submitted on 31 August will automatically lock by then.
Friday 21 September, 17:01: All OLAT Accounts to be ‘frozen’ (and trainees to have read-only access).
Late September/Early October: Trainees’ OLAT achievement record migrated to OneFile.
Tuesday 2 October – Friday 12 October: OneFile account credentials supplied to trainees and training officers.
Throughout October: There will be a programme of OneFile webinars targeted to trainees and a programme targeted to Training Officers.
After you begin using OneFile you will continue to have read-only access to OLAT for a significant period of time prior to OLAT being archived. Please note this schedule may be subject to change.

The digital team at the School has put together a growing list of training videos that are currently being used by STP trainees and training officers already using OneFile. Please feel free to familiarise yourself with OneFile by visiting one of our dedicated playlists here:

OneFile for STP Trainees

OneFile for STP/PTP Training Officers

If you have any questions about our upcoming OneFile rollout, please get in touch with our dedicated OneFile helpdesk on

Last updated on 5th October 2020

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