Request for Informatics healthcare professionals to take part in FEDIP consultation

Published on
18th May 2021
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Healthcare science, HSST, STP

The Federation of Informatics Professionals (FEDIP) consultation ‘Becoming the Profession’ is open to all those working in Health or Care whose role includes any aspect of Informatics.

Recent events have shown, more than ever, how much we need a confident, professionalised and respected digital workforce within health and social care. This consultation sets out to gather the views of all Digital, Data, Information and Technology Experts working in health and social care. To help achieve this, FEDIP offers Health and Care Informatics professionals an accredited path to professional status.

FEDIP said “We are committed to achieving this by providing a simplified and attainable professional standard for all practitioners. We believe that a high professional standard combined with a supportive community empowers practitioners to drive digital change forward within health and care. We want to hear from all digital health and care professionals to help us take real steps in changing the future of the Health and Care Informatics Profession in a way that will help employees, employers and patients”.

Click here to share your views by accessing the consultation. The consultation will close on Tuesday 1st June 2021.

You can find updates regarding the consultation on the FEDIP Twitter @Fed_IP and the FEDIP website including more information about FEDIP’s vision for the future of the profession and the activities of FEDIP’s Professional Bodies.

We appreciate you taking the time, as part of the Informatics community, to further the development of the profession.

Last updated on 18th May 2021

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