Ethnic demographic data for applications to the Scientist Training Programme 2018

This data shows the number of applications and accepted offers per stated ethnic group.

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Ethnic group Percentage of applications from stated ethnic groups – 2018 Total number of accepted offers – 2018
Any other Asian background 3.1% <5
Any other Black background 0.4% <5
Any other ethnic group 1.5% <5
Any other mixed background 0.9% 5
Any other white background 8.7% 27
Asian or Asian British – Bangladeshi 2% <5
Asian or Asian British – Indian 6% 7
Asian or Asian British – Pakistani 3.8% 9
Black or Black British – African 5.5% <5
Black or Black British – Caribbean 5.5% <5
Chinese 1.9% <5
Mixed White and Asian 1.5% 6
Mixed White and Black African 0.4% <5
Mixed White and Black Caribbean 0.7% <5
Not Stated 1.5% <5
White – British 57.3% 258
White Irish 2.1% <5
Total 339

Data protection information

Some of the information published is exempt from disclosure under Section 40(2) of the Freedom Of Information Act, as some of the data tables released contain small numbers which may identify individuals. Where applicable, small numbers will be shown as <5 within the response.

Under section 40(2) of the FOIA, third party personal data (personal information of another person) is exempt from disclosure if releasing would contravene any of the provisions in the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018.

All persons whose personal data is processed by Health Education England (HEE), regardless of whether they be staff, trainees or members of the public, have an intrinsic right to privacy and these rights are protected by virtue of the Data Protection Act. Release of the information subject to the exemption would compromise those rights, and we therefore do not consider it reasonable to release this information.

Last updated on 29th November 2021