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Prior to booking or incurring any expense, all claimants should ensure they have checked and agreed with the School that funding will be provided. Failure to do so may result in the claimant incurring the costs themselves.

The School will fund travel expenses for the following:

  • assessors for national assessments for MSC training programmes
  • accreditation and quality assessment visit panel members
  • other meetings where attendance of individuals is requested by the School. For example, to present or represent the training on the School’s behalf.

Funding for attendance at training events to receive training, should be sought from the employer unless the School specifies otherwise in advance.

It is expected that all claimants will take the necessary steps to ensure that costs incurred, are minimised where possible to ensure value for money. For example, by booking tickets in advance rather than on the same day, and when booking accommodation the most cost effective and practical option is used.

Claims in excess of the amount indicated may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Claimants should contact for advice prior to booking any travel or accommodation. Failure to do so could result in non payment.

Claims should not be submitted before the event, but must be submitted within 28 days following the event or activity taking place.


Travel expenses claim criteria

Reimbursement for travel may include one or more of the following: train, air, bus, tube, taxi.

  • Train travel should normally be standard class unless a first class/business class ticket can be purchased at a cheaper rate than the standard ticket. You must provide evidence of the first class/business class ticket being cheaper than a standard class ticket. Split ticketing options may also offer the best value for money.
  • Taxi fares will only be reimbursed where there are no other forms of public transport to and from the location of the event, or where this facilitates travel for multiple attendees of the event through sharing the cost of travel – minimum 2 people. Full names of all travellers must be provided.
  • Underground costs will be reimbursed if using an Oyster Card and the card is registered and a printout can be provided. Or where contactless payment is used and a copy of a bank statement can be provided to show the payment.
  • Flights within the UK will only be reimbursed where proof is provided that it is the cheapest mode of transport.
  • Mileage will be reimbursed between home address and event venue and return at 45p per mile. Mileage for passengers will no longer be payable. Mileage claimed will be checked to ensure that it is correct.
  • Toll fees will not be reimbursed.
  • Reimbursement of any penalty imposed under the Road Traffic Act incurred whilst travelling to interview/event will not be paid.
  • Congestion charge will not be reimbursed
  • Parking costs will be reimbursed upon production of a valid receipt or parking ticket.

Accommodation expenses claim criteria

  • For overnight accommodation within London, the overnight rate should not exceed £150 per night. This can include a separate breakfast where it is not included in your room rate, as long as this does not take your expense over £150/night.
  • For overnight accommodation outside of London, the overnight rate should not exceed £120 per night. This can include a separate breakfast where it is not included in your room rate, as long as this does not take your expense over £120/night.
  • Any claimant participating in an event over two or more consecutive days will qualify for overnight accommodation. Those attending events commencing before 10am may also qualify for overnight accommodation but should contact the School to seek confirmation in advance of booking a hotel.
  • Accommodation arrangements must be agreed in advance with the School.

Subsistence expenses claim criteria

  • Meal allowances are payable where the activity requires you to be away from your base for more than five hours on official business.
  • Where lunch and refreshments are provided by the NSHCS at the venue, a separate claim for lunch allowance is not payable.
  • Evening meal allowances can be claimed where you are away from your base for more than 10 hours, and unable to return to your base or your home by 7.00pm.
  • Costs for alcohol cannot be claimed.

Summary of subsistence allowances

Away from base for over 24 hours (overnight) Evening meal allowance up to £15.00

Lunch allowance of up to £5.00 (if not provided)


Away from base for more than 10 hours and unable to return before 7:00pm Evening meal allowance up to £15.00 and lunch allowance of up to £5.00 (if not provided) – receipts required
Away from base for more than 5 hours and more than 5 miles from base Lunch allowance up to £5.00 (if not provided) – receipts required
Away from base for less than 5 hours and less than 5 miles from base No meal allowance payable

Other claims

On occasion, and only with prior agreement with the School, expenses may be claimed for business costs incurred where you are procuring resources or services which are necessary for the agreed activity. Prior approval with the School must be sought before any costs are incurred. Details of how to claim under these circumstances are outlined in the relevant user guides.


Making a claim

Claimants cannot be reimbursed without submission of relevant receipts, the only exception to this being mileage.

All expense claims must be submitted on Assure Expenses. Guidance on how to register and submit a claim is available here. Any queries can be referred to

All payment of Non Staff Expenses will be paid by BACS. Once approved the claim will be included on the next available payment run.

Last updated on 14th February 2024

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