Scientist Training Programme – Jargon buster

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STP Resources
Publication type
AHCS Academy of Healthcare Science
ASP Accredited Scientific Practice
CBD Case Based Discussion
CCSTP Certificate of Completion of Scientist Training Programme
CoA Certificate of Attainment
CoC Certificate of Completion
CoE Certificate of Equivalence
DOPS Direct Observation of Practical Skills
GSP Good Scientific Practice
HCPC Healthcare Professions Council
HEE Health Education England
HEI Higher Education Institute (University)
IACC Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence
MAHSE Manchester Academy for Healthcare Scientist Education
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MRP Mid-term Review of Progression
MSC Modernising Scientific Careers
MSF Multi-Source Feedback
NIHR National Institute for Health Research
OCE Observed Communication Event
PPI Patient and Public Involvement
QA Quality Assurance
R&D Lead Research and Development Lead (in Trust)
SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-based
SoP Standards of Proficiency
SOPS Standard Operating Procedures
STEM ambassador Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics ambassador
TO Training Officer
TPD Training Programme Director
WPS Workplace Supervisor

Last updated on 12th March 2024