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The different ways you can get involved

We’re always actively looking for scientists to help train, recruit, assess, and most importantly, inspire and support other individuals into a healthcare career. Click this link for more information on the different roles you can perform whilst helping the School.


Find out why some of our alumni have decided to get involved

Saira Hussain

“As a graduate of the STP programme, it’s important to me to stay active and involved in the STP community. It’s part of my role now as a Programme Director for one of the STP MSc courses through which I get to meet the new cohorts. I also get to keep in touch with clinical departments and hear all about STP Graduates who are now assessors, supervisors and ambassadors. Staying involved with the National School of Healthcare Science as STP Alumni means we’re still part of this network that is instrumental in healthcare.”

Last updated on 20th February 2024