Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics (formerly known as Bioinformatics Health Informatics) is an interdisciplinary field that studies the vast quantities of data generated by medicine and health-focused research.


Healthcare science staff in this field provide support to ensure that bioinformatics data is used efficiently and to required standards. Connecting computing science, information science, biology and medicine it is one of the fastest growing areas of research and development within healthcare.

Work in this field requires a good grounding in information analysis and computing, as well as clinical, biomedical or physical sciences. Scientists will generally work as part of a multidisciplinary team that also includes doctors, specialist nurses, informatics specialists such as clinical informaticians, information management and technology teams and external providers of software including databases. They will:

  • provide cross sub-discipline bioinformatics support
  • ensure data received and generated is interpreted and used in an efficient, standardised, secure and accurate manner
  • use leading edge technologies
  • ensure adherence to information governance standards

They may also further develop specialist informatics skills such as information governance, interpretation, analysis and use of information, systems development and design.

Clinical scientists will be expected to advise on best practice in:

  • interpretation, integration and reporting of a range of data, intelligence and evidence from large datasets or ‘Big Data’ that an organisation/system produces
  • explaining the significance of data in a way that can be easily understood by others (patients, clinicians and managers)
  • data mining, handling and processing
  • data and information security
  • patient confidentiality
  • record sharing
  • information sharing with patients/clients
  • records access by patients
  • reviewing opportunities for the application of tele-health or tele-medicine

Last updated on 15th February 2024