CSO’s 2021 Excellence in Healthcare Science Workforce Transformation award winner

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Chief Scientific Officer for England Professor Dame Sue Hill has named the development of a PGCert in Echocardiography as the CSO’s 2021 Excellence in Healthcare Science Workforce Transformation award winner.

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28th February 2022
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Echocardiography Training Programme, Healthcare science

The Post Graduate Certificate in Echocardiography has been identified as a pathway that will respond more rapidly to the urgent workforce needs for Cardiac Physiologists. The workforce shortfall represents a real risk to delivery of the people plan, particularly for waiting time targets in diagnosis and follow up of cardiovascular disease and cancer pathways, and the further development of 7-day services and delivery of Echocardiography in primary care.

The programme represents an accelerated pathway for Cardiac Physiologists to gain BSE Accreditation to enable them to work autonomously to meet the current workforce needs. This course is unique in offering an integrated programme to deliver both the Academic and work place training, building on successful elements of the STP including Echocardiography modules, Accreditation of departments and support for trainees and training officers.

Jane Lynch, Regional Dean for Healthcare Science and Training Programme Director at the National School of Healthcare Science said:
“Echocardiography is central to diagnosis and treatment in so many pathways and conditions, and a very rewarding career to pursue. Developing this programme was made possible through the efforts of many individuals and organisations, and we thank all those involved. Integrating academic learning and work-based training together with regional initiatives to support trainees and supervisors has rapidly increased training capacity and promoted collaborative working. By supporting good, quality training we can grow our innovative and committed Cardiac Physiology community, helping to meet future challenges and improving access to Echocardiography for patients.”

Professor Berne Ferry, Head of the National School of Healthcare Science and Dean for Healthcare Science said:
“I’d like to congratulate Jane Lynch, Professor Martin Stout, Jennifer Green and Wendy Gamlin and express on behalf of all cardiac physiologists and the patients that they serve, an enormous thank you for the hard work and for using their experience, skills, and commitment to set up and to deliver this PGCert in Echocardiology. I’d also like to personally thank the many who enabled this programme to be developed, commissioned and implemented within one year.”

The PG Certificate initially ran as a pilot in 2020 with 12 trainees, in 2021 60 trainees were recruited. A further increase in trainee numbers is planned for 2022.

Last updated on 28th February 2022

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