Express an interest in sharing your good training practice

Published on
23rd January 2024
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Learning and Development, NSHCS

In many areas of our work, we receive requests to support trainers in the workplace by connecting them with each other and, in particular, by helping them learn from centres and colleagues that have developed good training practice.

This year the School is hoping to launch a new initiative in which we run regular webinars featuring trainers or trainer networks sharing their practice.

We are keen to share and promote good practice in many different areas. We are particularly keen to share practice that is concerned with:

  • training planning
  • work-based training methods
  • working with the new STP curricula
  • supporting reflective practice
  • generating evidence for training activities
  • supporting trainees and preparing trainees for their final assessment

We will not limit the scope of the webinars to these topics and are hoping to promote good practice very broadly.

If you or your network have developed practice that you feel could be valuable to share with your peers, please express an interest in sharing your practice via the form linked to below.

Click this link to express an interest in contributing to our sharing good practice webinar series 

Last updated on 23rd January 2024

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