Independent End-Point Assessor Opportunity

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29th January 2024
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We are seeking individuals to join our team as an Independent End-Point Assessor (IEPA) and we are approved to deliver the following standards:

  • Level 2 Healthcare Science Assistant
  • Level 4 Healthcare Science Associate
  • Level 6 Healthcare Science Practitioner
  • Level 6 Clinical Trials Specialist
  • Level 7 Clinical Scientist
  • Level 7 Bioinformatics Scientist

Qualifications and skills


  • Up-to-date knowledge of their profession and of working in the healthcare science environment, including current knowledge of working practices, legislation and policy.
  • Appropriate statutory or voluntary registration covering the scientific subject area they are assessing.
  • Exceed the level of occupational competence required for the apprenticeship standard they are assessing.
  • Up-to-date evidence of continuing professional development.
  • Complete EPA assessor training provided by the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS).
  • Ability to communicate clearly in English, including scientific terminology.


  • Hold a formal assessor qualification.
  • Proficient digital and IT skills.
  • Interview assessment experience.

The assessor recruitment process

  • Assessor to submit a CV and complete the assessor application form along with other requirements.
  • CVs are reviewed and ratified by the EPA Recruitment Panel.
  • The HR recruitment process is completed.
  • Assessor’s complete EPA training.
  • EPA team to set up the assessor’s access to EPA Pro and Oracle (Finance).
  • EPA Pro training completed.
  • Assessor is ready to deliver EPAs.

Payment and frequency

  • Deliver EPAs as an individual contractor, in your own time.
  • Submit invoices to the EPA team upon successful delivery.
  • Deliver EPAs via your trust whereby you are released to deliver EPA during contracted hours.
  • Submit invoices through your Trust’s Finance team to the EPA team.
  • Frequency of deliveries is dependent on your availability; we work around your schedule.
  • Identify availability with the NSHCS to work regionally and or nationally, making the NSHCS aware of any changes to availability.
  • Commit to a minimum of 2 EPA deliveries per year.

Our contact details

For more information or to express your interest, please email us at

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