Genomics 101: Understand the role of genomics in healthcare

The use of genomics within healthcare is expanding, moving out of specialist areas and into routine care through the introduction of the Genomic Medicine Service in England (GMS).

Published on
18th November 2020
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Genomics Education Programme
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Healthcare science, Industry

As a result, more healthcare professionals and their patients will encounter it than ever before.

The Genomics Education Programme has launched a collection of nine introductory courses as part of its Genomics 101 series, which aims to provide an overview of the fundamentals of genomics and its applications in healthcare. Created for those with little or no previous knowledge of the subject, each course focuses on a key aspect of genomics and its use in healthcare.

All nine Genomics 101 courses last 30-40 minutes each, are available through the e-LfH platform and are free to access for NHS staff and those within universities in the UK. A certificate of participation is available on completion of each course.

“I didn’t know what genomics was, so now feel very well informed about all areas.”

“I thought this would be interesting, and it has exceeded my expectations. It is great context for all working in healthcare to understand. This has whetted my appetite to find out more.”

“Very informative and easy to follow.”

Last updated on 18th November 2020

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