Have your say about the National Healthcare Uniform Workforce Consultation

Last updated: 19th May 2021

The National Healthcare Uniform Project is a proposal put forward by NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services to introduce a nationally standardised uniform across the NHS in England. Originally launched in the summer of 2019, the project was paused during 2020 due to more important priorities relating to the pandemic.

Understanding the needs of NHS staff and feeding this into the design of a National Healthcare Uniform is essential to the success of this project.

The consultation covers two main areas:

  • do people agree with a national uniform approach
  • the garment styles and features required for a uniform to be considered well designed and fit for purpose

It is important that healthcare scientists make sure that their opinion is heard by completing the consultation. The consultation closes at 5:00pm on Monday 31st May 2021.

You can find further information about this project and the consultation on the NHS Supply Chain website.