Healthcare Science Assistant Apprentices Standard (HCSA) approved

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26th October 2015
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The first Trailblazer apprentice standard in healthcare science has recently been approved.

The Healthcare Science Assistant (HCSA) apprenticeship standard at Career Framework Level 2 was developed with employers who provide healthcare science services in the Life Sciences, Physics, Clinical Biomedical Engineering and the Physiological Sciences to meet the needs of healthcare employers and provide development opportunities for those seeking a career in healthcare science. The Assessment Plan for the apprenticeship (required before the apprenticeship is ready for delivery) is currently under development, as is the Level 2 Diploma that will provide the underpinning qualification both for the HCSA apprenticeship and for others in the workforce undertaking further training and development at this level. It is anticipated that the standard will be ready for implementation in September 2016. It is intended that additional apprenticeship standards in healthcare science will be developed. The HCSA Apprenticeship Standard can be found at:

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