HEE funded Healthcare Science Outreach programme wins Advancing Healthcare Award

Last updated: 22nd July 2019

Congratulations to the Reach Out for Healthcare Science (ROfHCS) Team. They were presented with the Academy for Healthcare Science Award for Inspiring the Healthcare Science Workforce of the Future.

The ROfHCS programme makes Healthcare Science (HCS) careers more accessible, involves large numbers of students and offers students not only an understanding of, but hands on experience in a wide variety of the HCS professions within NHS Trusts. This project has been funded annually by Health Education England since 2013 and is co-ordinated by collaborative efforts from Healthcare Scientists based in London NHS Trusts, London universities and is supported by Exscitec and the HEE Professional Lead for HCS in London.

The target audience is Year 10 students who meet widening participation criteria are and have stated an interest in a Science Technology Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) career. Students partake in HCS related, interactive and experiential activities within different departments or in a simulated context. These activities are geared toward engaging students to choose careers in healthcare science. The impact on students is genuinely astonishing. Over 80% of the students have rated the programme as good or very good. Reach out is now in its seventh year and has reached 1600 students. Rather than being a project with a lifespan, this has become a project with a life!