Help to celebrate Global Clinical Engineering Day

Published on
13th October 2020
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The fifth Global Clinical Engineering Day is a worldwide celebration recognising the important contributions of clinical engineers to healthcare.

This year’s theme is COVID-19 and there will be a film, hosted by Vivienne Parry, on the vital role Clinical Engineers in the UK played in response to COVID-19. More than 17 Clinical Engineers, from all levels and some top leaders in the NHS took part in this film.

Suggested activities and ways you can help make this day a success

  • Celebrate: by sharing your team pictures using #GlobalCEDay on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. Network across the globe!
  • Promote: the vital work you do and the contribution to patient care on local and public websites and social media
  • Share: the innovation and new ways of working as a result of Covid-19 and into the recovery phase
  • Encourage: your Communications Department to spread the word on the intranet and social media
  • Organise: local awards, Invite Board members
  • Visit: IPEM website for information and resources


Last updated on 17th March 2022

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