Launch of New Training for Trainers

The School is developing a new suite of guidance and learning resources and an overall new training offer to support workplace trainers.

Published on
12th April 2023
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Learning and Development, NSHCS

These developments are in response to extensive and ongoing feedback from trainers working on of all our programmes, and are designed to provide additional support for trainers working with the new STP curricula.

Trainer standards

We have developed a set of standards and expectations for the role of the STP work-based trainer. These standards should also be applicable to trainers and educators working on the ETP and PTP programmes. The content of the standards reflects what has long been communicated in the School’s previous Train the Trainer sessions. The standards do not add new expectations or responsibilities to the trainer role. Instead, they are designed to articulate existing expectations more concisely – enabling a structure for the additional training and guidance that we are developing.

The standards and expectations for the STP work-based trainer will be:

  • Plan, design and assess learning and training opportunities.
  • Monitor your trainee’s progress and provide them with constructive feedback.
  • Support your trainee in taking responsibility for their own learning.
  • Embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into training.
  • Know the limitations of your role and signpost to other sources of support, where appropriate.

When these standards are fully published in the coming months, the School will support them with a suite of new guidance and learning resources.

A set of standards for supervisors on the HSST programme will be designed differently to better reflect the consultant trainee’s responsibilities for the management of their own learning and training.

Train the Trainer

Alongside the development of new guidance and learning resources for trainers, we will be revising the School’s Train the Trainer programme. Professionals new to the role of STP trainer will be given a single webinar induction which will introduce them to the programme and their responsibilities. We anticipate that the first trainer induction will take place in September 2023. In the meantime, anyone needing to undertake STP Train the Trainer for accreditation purposes can still access and be certificated for the 3-webinar series from October 2022. Click this link to request access to the recordings and evaluations for the STP Train the Trainer from October 2022.

There are no plans, currently to change the format of the HSST and ETP Train the Trainer.

Click this link to request access to the HSST Train the Trainer recording and evaluation from October 2022.

Click this link to register on one of the ETP Train the Trainer live webinars.

Learning resources on The Learning Hub

Once we publish the standards fully on the School website, in the coming months an extensive suite of new learning resources linked to the standards will be made available for trainers to access via The Learning Hub, whether you are new to the role or an experienced trainer and regardless of which programme you work on.

If you haven’t got a Learning Hub account click this link to for the instructions on how to obtain one.

If you would like training on a specific topic and it does not appear amongst the new Learning Hub resources, please contact the School’s Education Training Manager Sally Clee at as we are keen to ensure that the offering is responsive to the needs of trainers and educators.

Last updated on 22nd January 2024

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