Launch of the revised ETP Curriculum

We’re very pleased to start the new year with the launch of the revised Echocardiography Training Programme (ETP) curriculum, which is now available in the Curriculum Library. The revised curriculum will be implemented for the next cohort of the ETP starting in September 2024.

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8th January 2024
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Echocardiography Training Programme

This time last year we asked for your feedback on the curriculum and this formed the basis of the review process. In May we appointed Lee Bancroft as the ETP Lead Editor and the Curriculum Review Group met for the first time in June. After much hard work from the Curriculum Review Group the revised curriculum was approved at the end of last year. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Lee and all members of the Curriculum Review Group for their hard work and dedication to the continuation of the ETP.

Lee Bancroft, Lead Editor for the Echocardiography Training Programme said;

I am delighted to announce that the new ETP curriculum has now been finalised by the National School of Healthcare Science. The review process commenced with the assembly of a diverse curriculum review panel consisting of newly qualified ETP students, academic leads and experienced echo training officers. The extensive review of the existing ETP modules was undertaken with specific focus on the recommendations of the ETP stakeholder feedback. New content was added to reflect these recommendations in order to ensure students have a broader base of core cardiology knowledge and facilitate greater alignment with national standards that mirror current and future advances in clinical practice. The result is a scientifically robust and fit for purpose curriculum to equip echocardiographers to meet the demands of the future. I would like to thank the National School for their support during this process.

Jane Lynch, Cardiac Clinical Scientist and School Training Programme Director said;

I’m really pleased to see the release of the new Echocardiography Training programme Curriculum. Thanks to the hard work of Chris Fisher, Lee Bancroft (Lead Editor) and the rest of the amazing group who have incorporated the feedback we received from training officers, trainees and others to produce a revised curriculum that will continue to provide appropriate underpinning academic and workplace training, rapidly increasing the number of BSE accredited echocardiographers contributing to high standards of patient care within the specialism.

Click this link to view the revised ETP Curricula.

Introduction of the NSHCS work-based assessment standards to the ETP

Alongside the revised curriculum, we’re also taking the opportunity to introduce the Schools work-based assessment standards to the ETP from September 2024. Work-based assessments include training activities (known in previous curricula as competencies), DOPS, OCEs, CBDs.  The standards define how work-based assessments should be conducted and the responsibilities of trainees, trainers and assessors.

For each work-based assessment type including the standards we provide clear definitions and expectations about:​

  • the purpose of the assessment​
  • how the assessment should be conducted​
  • the responsibilities of every participant in the assessment life cycle
  • who can assess​
  • how feedback should be provided

We would strongly advise that you familiarise yourself with the standards early on so that you have a good grasp of how each of the work-based assessments should be conducted.

Click this link to view the NSHCS work-based assessment standards.

We recently concluded a series of short ‘explainer’ webinars about the work-based assessment standards for the STP which will also be helpful for ETP trainers and assessors.

Click this link to view the ‘explainer’ webinar on the work-based assessment standard for observed assessment.

Click this link to view the ‘explainer’ webinar on the work-based assessment standard for case-based discussions.

Click this link to view the ‘explainer’ webinar on the work-based assessment standard for training activities.

Last updated on 8th May 2024

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