Making a difference in the fight against ebola

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12th March 2015
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My name is Stephen Kidd, I am a first year STP clinical microbiology trainee based at Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust in Basingstoke and have just completed a five week deployment to Sierra Leone between January and February 2015.

The deployment made up part of my clinical virology rotation. This means, when I have training needs that cannot be met by my home Trust I highlight a Trust or establishment that can provide the relevant training and I arrange a visit. After agreement with my training officer, the department consultants and Health Education Wessex; this was made part of my general training and not my elective as it was seen as no different to other training and would provide me and my home Trust with invaluable experience. A number of virology, professional practice and world health competencies were highlighted as being covered whilst I was out there. The week’s training at Public Health England at Porton was completed with a Direct Observation of Practical Skills (DOPS) assessment for good measure!

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