New Pathology podcast series showcases science in healthcare

Published on
10th May 2021
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Pathology services are involved in 70% of clinical diagnoses, yet the public are rarely made aware of the daily contributions that scientists make to healthcare. ‘Inside Pathology’ a new podcast series showcases scientists at the heart of the NHS and is designed to inspire anyone with an interest in science and healthcare. The series includes patient stories and expert interviews through the lens of genetics, transplantation and virology.

Each episode aims to answer these critical questions:

  • How does clinical science unlock life-changing diagnoses for patients?
  • What is the path to a successful career in healthcare science?
  • What challenges do pathology services overcome to provide quality services?

All three episodes are available here or can be downloaded from major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts.

Last updated on 10th May 2021

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