Last Updated: 9th October 2019

Opportunity to present on your role as a Healthcare Scientist

We are offering all trainees an opportunity to present on their role as a Healthcare Scientist. This gives you an opportunity to fulfil STP professional practice competencies or meet HSST Standards of Proficiency. 

There will also be a chance to meet your Training Programme Director and other staff members of the National School and to influence your training programme


  • Trainees can present as part of a team within their speciality or as an individuals
  • Presentations will be between 2:00pm to 2:45pm and should follow this format:
    • 10 min – Day in the Life of a ………
    • 10 min – Project/s you have been involved with
    • 5 min – Challenges of the role/training
    • 5 min – Why you love the role
    • 15 min – Questions from the Audience
  • Presentations will take place at the NSHCS, Birmingham. Your travel expenses will be met by the school.
  • Following your presentation you will be given a tour of the NSHCS and have an opportunity to discuss your training programme with members of the School.
  • The following dates are available:
    • 03/12/2019
    • 21/01/2020 – FULLY BOOKED
    • 25/02/2020 – FULLY BOOKED
    • 24/03/2020
    • 28/04/2020
    • 30/06/2020 – FULLY BOOKED
    • 28/07/2020
    • 25/08/2020 – FULLY BOOKED
    • 29/09/2020 – FULLY BOOKED
  • Please submit your Expression of Interest and preferred date/s to NSHCS at