Recap on the fundamentals of genomics

New courses launched in the series

Published on
17th February 2020
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Healthcare science

The Genomics Education Programme has launched two new courses as part of its Genomics 101 series. From Gene to Protein has been created to give health professionals an understanding of proteins, how they are synthesised and how the information in our genes is used to build them. The second course; Dominant Recessive and Beyond has been created to help health professionals understand the common modes of inheritance of genetic conditions and to be able to recognise them based on the pattern of affected people in a family history. The courses in this series each focus on a key aspects of genomics, whether the underlying science or the clinical application. There are currently six courses with a further two to be added later this year, each lasting around 30 minutes in duration. Please share across your trusts, as these courses provide a good grounding in, or recap on, the fundamentals of genomics.

Last updated on 17th February 2020

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