School mentioned in latest edition of Healthcare Science Notice Board from NHS Education for Scotland

Last updated: 5th October 2020

The latest edition of the¬†Healthcare Science Notice Board (14)¬†from NHS Education Scotland (NES), features the School’s involvement in the quality assurance of the clinical scientist training schemes in Scotland.

A large number of the postgraduate scientist trainees in Scotland are on the Scientist Training Programme (STP) (which is run by the School), however many of the trainees are on a Scottish scheme which is similar to the STP. Our Accreditation department and Professional Leads were invited to join a review panel which was looking at the work-based training aspect of the training schemes. The panel were able to accredit the training providers for trainees on the STP and also look at the quality of training and learning outcomes of the providers for the trainees on the Scottish scheme. If these training providers were found to provide training equivalent to the STP they were awarded a ‘recognition of training quality’.

Outcomes from the two panels that sat early in 2017 were favourable and a formal report is expected in the coming months.

Other features in the Healthcare Science Notice Board (14) included:

  • NES Support for Postgraduate Scientists 2017
  • NES Equivalence bids from healthcare science staff
  • NES Healthcare Science Annual Event – 15th June 2017