Update on the London Healthcare Science Trainee Network

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23rd June 2015
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Since it’s inaugural meeting in December 2014, the foundations of the London Healthcare Science Trainee Network are now being laid with a group of eager, enthusiastic, trainees who will support each other and promote and champion Healthcare Science. To date, the network has held five successful meetings. The aim of the initial meetings was to scope the need for a London trainee network and for trainees to brainstorm their ideas on the purpose and value of the network.

The last meeting in May 2015 included Healthcare Science STP, PTP and Apprentice trainees. Trainees from the North West trainee network (Rushana Hussain and Samantha Thorn) presented an enlightening and valuable session on how to take the London network forward and provided excellent examples of their accomplishments. Links with national networks are being cultivated. London trainees (Amy Dunne and Hannah Fearon) attended the National School of Healthcare Science Trainee Representative Group (TRG) meeting and provided feedback to the London trainee network.

The network will soon be selecting a network board whose aim will be to:

  • Host regular meetings with STP, PTP Apprentice trainees
  • Host trainee events
  • Collaborate with university representatives, and training officers and service leads
  • Link with and collaborate with other regional trainee networks
  • Link with national networks

For more information about the network contact: Miss Aarti Makan (Senior Audiologist and Darzi Fellow in Healthcare Science)

Last updated on 13th August 2019

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