We are recruiting Specialty Lead Editors for work on Curriculum Review

The National School of Healthcare Science is delighted to announce that we are now recruiting for Specialty Lead Editors for the Scientist Training Programme (STP) Curriculum Content Review Project.

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26th March 2019
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Curriculum, STP

We would like to invite experienced Clinical Scientists to apply for the role of Specialty Lead Editor. The Lead Editor will head a Specialty Curriculum Review Group. The Review Group will be facilitated by the NSHCS and it will include:

  • Clinical Scientists;
  • Academics;
  • Professional body members;
  • Patient representatives.

The Specialty Curriculum Review Group will be responsible for updating the specialty curriculum. The position of Specialty Lead Editor will be appointed for the duration of the Specialty STP Curriculum Content Review and will be paid for their time. To apply for the role, you must be a registered Clinical Scientist with three years post registration experience. You’ll need to be involved in the delivery of the STP programme and the advancement of your specialty. Applications will be available until 30th April.

You can find more information on the Curriculum on our website. If you would like further information on the role, please contact

We’re currently recruiting for Lead Editors for the following specialties, please click the link to apply.

Blood Sciences

Medical Physics

Last updated on 23rd July 2019

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