Find out about healthcare science apprenticeships

Last Updated: 4th November 2020

Thinking about an apprenticeship? Here is some useful information that may help you decide.

How do I become an NHS apprentice?

If you want to become a healthcare science apprentice, you will need to find an employer who is offering an apprenticeship post. The School has a role in promoting apprenticeships, as well as providing the standards and end-point assessments, but we do not handle recruitment.

You can start your search for an apprenticeship via the Government’s website or on NHS Jobs. Most NHS Trusts use the NHS Jobs and Gov.UK websites to advertise opportunities but you can also check their own website for vacancies.

Gaining experience through voluntary work may help you when applying for an apprenticeship. So maybe think about finding some voluntary work that will help you develop your skills and gain work experience.

How can I make sure that an apprenticeship is right for me?

There’s lots of information available about apprenticeships and what to expect as an apprentice. Take a look through some of the websites we’ve gathered together below. You’ll find real life stories from apprentices on the Health Careers and Apprenticeships websites. The Skills for Health website has some FAQs for apprentices, where you may find the answer to some of your questions.

Hear what these current Healthcare Science Apprentices think about apprenticeships

We’ve interviewed some current apprentices and asked them to talk about their experience of being an apprentice.