I’m a current apprentice; what support is available for me?

Information on what to do if you are feeling stressed, anxious or not coping very well.


Where can I get help and advice?

If you are having problems keeping up with your apprenticeship due to depression, stress, anxiety or other mental health conditions, help is available via the Workplace Mental Health Support Service. This free and confidential service is delivered by Remploy via their ‘Support for Apprentices Service’.

You can access this service if you are currently in an apprenticeship and having problems or have been signed off sick with a mental health condition.

The support service can:

  • provide personal support for six months
  • help you to cope better so you can continue with your apprenticeship
  • develop a personal support plan
  • give you or your employer advice on adjustments that will help you complete your apprenticeship

Remploy contact details

Telephone 0300 456 8114
Email: a2wmhss@remploy.co.uk

Last updated on 30th September 2022