Overview of the Clinical Data Science programme

The Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Data Science is due to go live in the autumn of 2023.


The programme is comprised of the following units:

  • data engineering
  • maths, stats, and machine learning
  • data visualisation and communication
  • human factors and digital transformation

The initial four modules will cover the topics outlined in the table below:

Data engineering
  • data engineering/wrangling
  • missing data
  • structured/unstructured
  • databases and other data sources
Maths/stats and machine learning
  • fundamental maths
  • statistics
  • machine learning models
  • programming
Data visualisation and communication
  • data visualisations
  • communicating data
  • decision support systems/dashboards
Human factors and digital transformation
  • requirement gathering
  • co-design/UCD
  • evaluation
  • digital transformation and implementation

These units will also be available individually as CPD, with the Data Engineering unit going live this autumn, 2022. The other three units will be available individually as CPD from the autumn of 2023.

Last updated on 3rd March 2022