ETP Monthly Memo (October 2021)

Our monthly memo for ETP trainees and training officers features relevant news, helpful tips, opportunities to promote healthcare science and FAQs.

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ETP Monthly Memo 2021
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Message from Jane Lynch, your Training Programme Director

Welcome to the first ever Echocardiography Training Programme (ETP) memo! To those in the first (pilot) who are coming to the end of the programme, I hope you have enjoyed your training. You, together with your training officers, have been trail-blazers for the programme and have shown us how far you have come in a short space of time. Well done to you all for the achievements so far and good luck with upcoming examinations. Completion requirements are now available on the website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if anything is unclear or you have any questions.

For those trainees and training officers who have just joined the second cohort, it was great to virtually meet so many of you at the Induction session. For anyone who missed it, it is now available on our website and you can find the link further down the memo. Hopefully, we managed to answer most of your questions but please contact us if you still have concerns or queries. We will endeavour to keep you up-to-date with information here and on our website.

In addition to my role as STP Training Programme Director and North West Regional Dean, I am overseeing the ETP and am excited to move forward with this initiative and support you all over the next 18 months.


Induction 2021 recording

The induction webinar broadcast on Thursday 7th October gave attendees a brief overview of the programme and their responsibilities as an ETP trainee or training officer. Other topics covered included training planning and what makes good evidence in the workplace.

Speakers included Professor Berne Ferry (Head of National School of Healthcare Science), STP Training Programme Directors’ Jane Lynch, Jo Horne and Namir Al Hasso, and Stuart Sutherland (Head of Digital). Our guest speakers, who were involved in the pilot of the programme last year, were Jennifer Green, Echo Training lead at University Hospital Birmingham and Wendy Gamlin, Transthoracic Echo Lead at Manchester University Foundation Trust.

Click here to watch the recording from this year’s ETP induction event


OneFile webinars

Earlier this month the Digital Team held a number of webinars for trainees getting started with OneFile.

Click here to view the getting started on OneFile webinars


E-Learning for Healthcare

Health Education England’s (HEE) e-Learning for Healthcare is a service containing a huge variety of educational resource for healthcare professionals, trainees and their trainers.

The e-Learning for Healthcare website has a collection of links to web based educational resources and other e-learning platforms, that you may find useful to support your training.

Click here to find out more about getting started on e-Learning for Healthcare


E-Learning Health Literacy course

Nearly half the adults in England (43%) struggle to read and understand health information. When that information includes words and numbers, that rises to 61%.

This means important details, such as how to take medicines and dosage, understanding appointment letters and test results can be missed – and not everyone feels confident to say when they don’t understand.

Health Education England has developed a free, 35 minute, online health literacy course designed for anyone working with or supporting patients, families and carers.

Anyone can sign up today for the course, hosted on the NHS e-Learning for Healthcare platform. There is a simple registration process and once completed you will be able to access the free course quickly and easily.

Click here to find out more about improving Health Literacy


Training support podcasts

We are developing a series of podcasts with the intention of providing guidance and support on a range of different themes for trainees. We hope these podcasts will be a helpful additional resource.

The podcasts are recorded with trainees who share their experiences on the programme ranging from wellbeing and mental health challenges to expecting a child and taking maternity leave. If you would like to be involved in the production of these podcasts and share your experiences, please email the school at

Click here to find out more about our training support podcasts


Training support drop-in sessions

We offer regular drop-in sessions which provide a means through which trainees and training officers can speak to members of the School directly to access their expertise and guidance.

The drop-in sessions are offered on a regular basis and are themed to maintain focus for particular areas of support or guidance.

The discussions are confidential and usually offered on a 15 minute basis per person. Any issues not resolved or requiring follow up will be logged and further meetings arranged to address unresolved issues.

Click here to find out more about our drop-in sessions

Below are the dates for our upcoming drop-in sessions:

  • 27th October – Training support, scientific support
  • 24th November – Training support, scientific support

Click here to find our drop-in sessions timetable and event joining links


Equality, diversity and inclusion work at the School

As part of our commitment to improving equality, diversity and inclusion at the School we would like to hear from you about your experiences on and off the training programme.

We have a weekly whole school catch up meeting on Tuesdays at 11am and would like to invite trainees to give a 10 minute presentation to us. For example, this month we would like to invite trainees from all backgrounds to share who/what inspires for Black History Month. We would especially be interested in hearing from trainees from minority backgrounds. However this is not limited to only this month and would like to encourage this going forward.

If you have any questions or are interested in taking part please email

Click here to find more information on our equality, diversity and inclusion work at the School

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