Research project

Determination of the required radiation dose to achieve a clinically significant tumour response in patients undergoing Selective Internal Radiation therapy (SIRT) through development of clinical workflows utilising new software for dose estimation

Imaging (Ionising Radiation)
Project published
Darren Morgan
Training location
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The project proposed will investigate the absorbed radiation dose using new software and image reconstruction methods in patients treated with Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT), a type of radiotherapy that requires small glass or resin spheres containing radioactivity to be implanted in the liver. This existing clinical software will be used to develop an optimised clinical workflow for use in a busy clinical department. Using radiation doses calculated by these new methods, the project will aim to determine if there is a relationship between the radiation doses delivered to the tumours and the observed response and will aim to provide additional information to the existing knowledge that exists in the literature. As a secondary aim of the project, if enough patients are available, the dose required for tumour response will be evaluated to determine if patients with mutations in specific genes (KRAS mutations) require a higher dose than those without the gene mutations.


Project not yet complete.

Last updated on 2nd March 2023