Research project

Development of a clinic-specific, morphokinetic algorithm capable of predicting the implantation potential of human embryos

Reproductive Science
Rebecca Oakley
Training location
Bourn Hall Clinic, Essex

This project aims to identify the morphokinetic parameters of human embryos that are associated with implantation potential. We aim to analyse over 100 time-lapse cultured embryos that have been transferred to the uterus. This will involve investigation of the embryological timings of cell divisions, synchronicity and cell stage duration in addition to identifying any morphological abnormalities, including reverse cleavage, direct cleavage and multi-nucleation. We aim to correlate these parameters with implantation rates in order to identify the most crucial factors. From these results we aim to generate a hierarchical selection model that will ultimately aid in embryo selection.

Last updated on 10th September 2020