Research project

Monte Carlo simulation of skin dose distribution from interventional cardiology procedures

Imaging (Ionising Radiation)
Project published
David Platten
Training location
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The project aims to develop and validate a Monte Carlo model to quantify the skin dose delivered over the surface of a simple geometrical phantom due to irradiation with an interventional cardiology x-ray system. The Monte Carlo model will then be used to assess the accuracy of skin dose maps calculated by the open-source software package openSkin (, which is integrated into the OpenREM patient dose management system ( Finally the Monte Carlo model will be used to quantify the difference in calculated skin dose when using a realistic humanoid phantom compared with using a simple geometric phantom as used by openSkin. The project may be extended to investigate the accuracy of radiation incidence maps produced by other systems such as GE Healthcare’s DoseWatch.


Presentation at the 2020 Fluoroscopy Users’ Group meeting “Monte Carlo simulation of in-room scatter”

Last updated on 2nd March 2023