Research project

Renal Consultants Experiences of Mainstream Genetic Testing for Renal Disorders in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

Genomic Counselling
Kristina Littlewood
Training location
Nottingham University Hospital

Little research has been conducted exploring the views of mainstream clinicians carrying out genetic testing. Most research in this area has come from a cancer pathway perspective due to the pilot studies carried out in this field. This study therefore will explore the views of renal consultants in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area on mainstream genetic testing as part of their role, with an aim to gain a better understanding and find common themes within current literature.

Semi-structured interviews were carried with eight consultants via video or telephone appointment. The consultant’s experiences were analysed using qualitative thematic analysis using a hybrid approach of deductive and inductive coding to generate recurrent themes. Three main themes were identified, with several multiple sub-themes. The three main themes were Training and workforce, Practical implications of mainstreaming and Patients and families.

As far as the researcher is aware this study is the first to provide insight into the experiences of renal consultants in the UK for mainstream genetic testing. The study’s findings support the current literature around mainstream practices, in particular the importance of ongoing education and developing a good relationship with a clinical genetics department. Finally, it adds further insight into the difficulties of practical application within the NHS, including thoughts around ongoing changes in the genetics field and how this has impacted them.

Last updated on 4th October 2022