Research project

Use of IMRT and Robust Optimisation for post-mastectomy Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy Physics
Project published
Helen Howard
Training location
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

This research project intends to investigate a new treatment planning approach for post-mastectomy patients referred for radiotherapy. The aim of the new method is to increase the dose to the patient surface without the use of bolus material; using intensity modulated inverse planning and robust optimisation. The technique intends to take advantage of inverse planning to increase the surface dose, and robust optimisation to control its effects. The new method could provide an alternative solution to the current method of treating post-mastectomy patients which often requires the creation of two treatment plans and the use of tissue-equivalent material placed on the patient surface, the use of which can result in uncertain superficial doses. This method could improve the accuracy of dose distribution for this cohort of patients, reduce the number of treatment plans required and improve the patient’s experience by saving time in the treatment pathway.

Last updated on 2nd March 2023