Research project

Verification and implementation of an electron Monte Carlo algorithm for electron treatment planning

Radiotherapy Physics
Hinesh Charadva
Training location
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals

Currently at NNUH, electron therapy is planned using clinical mark ups and a manual calculation to determine the number of monitor units (MU) to be delivered. However, the calculations become less accurate when there is a need to consider heterogeneities and irregular surfaces. Several papers have confirmed the reliability of eMC algorithms for heterogeneous media and small field sizes- a major limitation of previously developed empirical methods and pencil beam dose algorithms. Research/aim: This investigation aims to verify and implement eMC and assess the disparity between dose distributions predicted by eMC and manually calculated plans. This will be achieved by following the commissioning procedure recommended by IPEM 81. Once eMC is verified, a selection of body sites will then be double planned using eMC and manual calculations. Finally, a comparative analysis between delivery of electron fields with predictions from eMC and manual calculations will be performed using a 2D array.

Last updated on 2nd October 2020