Process to reach the EPA

Last Updated: 13th October 2020

The end-point assessment is made up of a number of assessment elements. You must pass these elements in order to complete your apprenticeship.

How to meet the required knowledge

Depending on the apprenticeship you are undertaking, there are different elements which you will need to pass which are designed to ensure you are meeting all the required knowledge, behaviour and skill-based criteria as set out in the standard.

The rules surrounding each of the core assessment elements differ from standard to standard, so we would advise you to read through the relevant standard assessment breakdown. Click here to view the standards in more detail.

The EPA must be delivered by an independent Registered Apprentice Assessment Organisation (RAAO), not the training provider or employer, so all parties have to work together to make sure their apprentice passes the EPA.

The steps to reaching your End-point Assessment

These are the steps you must complete to finish your apprenticeship:

  1. Start your apprenticeship – You will start your apprenticeship with your employer and be supported by your training provider.
  2. Initial assessment – You will have your assessments with your training provider. The results of these assessments will help them to plan how to progress with your learning.
  3. On programme learning – You will complete various diploma units with your training provider, throughout the apprenticeship.
  4. Assessment gateway – Your employer and training provider will agree when you are ready, and have achieved what is required, to proceed to your End-point Assessment.
  5. End-point assessment – You will sit your End-point Assessment which will consist of a Vocational Competence Observation (VCO), a Professional Practice Test (PPT), and a Professional Discussion (PD).

Gateway Evidence and your End-point Assessment

Once you are ready to undertake your End-point Assessment, your training provider will contact the School and send us your Gateway Evidence. The steps we will take to make sure you are ready to proceed with your End-point Assessment are below:

What happens once we receive an EPA request?

Graphic about what happens once the School receives Gateway Evidence and an EPA request

Graphic about what happens once the School receives Gateway Evidence and an EPA request

Summary of infographic

What happens once we receive your Gateway Evidence and EPA request?

  1. A request for EPA with Gateway Evidence is received 8 weeks before assessment is required.
  2. The School checks the Gateway Evidence.
  3. An assessor is allocated by the School.
  4. The assessor contacts the employer to make the visit arrangements.
  5. End-point Assessment is delivered.
  6. Process is quality assured.
  7. The results of the EPA are shared with the employer and apprentice.