Head of School

Professor Berne Ferry

Head of School

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Operational Management Team

Angela Daly

Director of Operations

Lisa Ayers

HSST Training Programme Director

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Jane Lynch

STP Training Programme Director

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Graham Wilson

Apprentice and Ugrad Training Programme Director

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Namir Al Hasso

STP Training Programme Director

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Accreditation and Admissions

Andrew Williams

Head of Accreditation and Admissions

Liz Plumb

Quality and Accreditation Manager

Rachael Peters

Project Manager

Nicola Gould

Project Manager

Sarah Millar

Lead Administrator

Rosanna Nolan

Recruitment Project Manager

Kerreesha Blake

Recruitment Officer

Programme Support

Louise Ayers

Head of Programme Support

Rita Garcha

Deputy Head of Programme Support

Sarah Ball

Programme Support Coordinator

Chris Perkins

Trainee Progression Coordinator

Lisa Murphy

Lead Administrator

Mehwish Khan

Lead Administrator

Bhupinder Balaghan

Lead Administrator

Sufia Bibi

Lead Administrator

Delmar Smith


Halarna Davis

Lead Administrator

Assessment and Research Evaluation

Sandie Gay

Head of Assessment and Research Evaluation

Stephen Tipping

Deputy Head of Assessment

Chris Fisher

Curricula Manager

Virginia de La Hamayde

Curricula Assistant Manager

Steph Pinches

Curricula Project Support

Boota Singh

End-point Assessment Manager

Amrita Nanra

End-point Assessment Coordinator

Owen Driskell

Clinical Academic Science Lead

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Jaidev Chandan

Research and Data Associate

Digital and Information Systems

Stuart Sutherland

Head of Digital and Informations Systems

Katie Foster

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Dawn Taroni

Web and Multimedia Developer

Michelle Madeley

Web and Multimedia Editor

Alex Levine

Educational Systems Administrator

Jasbir Daine

Education Training Manager

Chanelle Peters

Educational Systems Support