Head of School

Team: Professor Berne Ferry

Professor Berne Ferry

Head of School

Operational Management Team

Team: Angela Daly

Angela Daly

Director of Operations

Team: Lisa Ayers

Lisa Ayers

HSST Training Programme Director

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Team: Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch

STP Training Programme Director

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Team: Namir Al Hasso

Namir Al Hasso

STP Training Programme Director

Team: Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson

Apprentice and Undergraduate Training Programme Director

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Accreditation and Admissions

Team: Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Head of Accreditation and Admissions

Team: Liz Plumb

Liz Plumb

Quality and Accreditation Manager

Team: Rachael Peters

Rachael Peters

Project Manager

Team: Nicola Gould

Nicola Gould

Project Manager

Team: Sarah Millar

Sarah Millar

Lead Administrator

Team: Rosanna Nolan

Rosanna Nolan

Recruitment Project Manager

Team: Kerreesha Blake

Kerreesha Blake

Recruitment Officer

Programme Support

Team: Louise Ayers

Louise Ayers

Head of Programme Support

Team: Rita Garcha

Rita Garcha

Deputy Head of Programme Support

Team: Sarah Ball

Sarah Ball

Programme Support Coordinator

Team: Chris Perkins

Chris Perkins

Trainee Progression Coordinator

Team: Lisa Murphy

Lisa Murphy

Lead Administrator

Team: Mehwish Khan

Mehwish Khan

Lead Administrator

Team: Bhupinder Balaghan

Bhupinder Balaghan

Lead Administrator

Team: Sufia Bibi

Sufia Bibi

Lead Administrator

Team: Harlana Davis

Harlana Davis

Lead Administrator

Team: Delmar Smith

Delmar Smith


Team: Emily Petty

Emily Petty


Assessment and Research Evaluation

Team: Stephen Tipping

Stephen Tipping

Deputy Head of Assessment

Team: Owen Driskell

Owen Driskell

Clinical Academic Science Lead

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Team: Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher

Curricula Manager

Team: Virginia de La Hamayde

Virginia de La Hamayde

Curricula Assistant Manager

Team: Steph Pinches

Steph Pinches

Curricula Project Support

Team: Jaidev Chandan

Jaidev Chandan

Research and Data Associate

Team: Boota Singh

Boota Singh

End-point Assessment Manager

Team: Amrita Nanra

Amrita Nanra

End-point Assessment Coordinator

Team: Sherryl Arellano

Sherryl Arellano

Graduate Trainee

Digital and Information Systems

Team: Stuart Sutherland

Stuart Sutherland

Head of Digital and Informations Systems

Team: Katie Foster

Katie Foster

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Team: Jasbir Daine

Jasbir Daine

Education Training Manager

Team: Dawn Taroni

Dawn Taroni

Web and Multimedia Developer

Team: Michelle Madeley

Michelle Madeley

Web and Multimedia Editor

Team: Alex Levine

Alex Levine

Educational Systems Administrator

Team: Chanelle Peters

Chanelle Peters

Educational Systems Support