• Accreditation and Admissions team

    We are responsible for the accreditation of work-based providers and higher education institutes for the PTP, STP and HSST programmes. We are also responsible for the recruitment processes to the STP and HSST programmes.

  • Assessment and Research Evaluation team

    We are responsible for setting high stakes assessments, including the final assessments for the ASP, STP and HSST programmes.

  • Curricula team

    We are responsible for the curricula designed for the ETP, STP and HSST programmes. We manage and update our curriculum through systematic review to continuously enhance the quality of learning for our trainees.

  • Digital and Information Systems team

    We are responsible for providing digital and communication services in support of our national training programmes, external stakeholders and School staff.

  • End-point Assessment team

    We offer the end-point assessment for the Healthcare Science Apprenticeship Standards Levels 2, 4 and 6 and provide assessments that are valid, reliable, comparable, and manageable with specialist knowledge.

  • Programme Support team

    We provide support to trainees and their training departments on a wide range of matters, from when they join the programmes to when they exit. We also support many of the other teams across the School and wider stakeholders to ensure programmes can be effectively supported.