Accreditation and Admissions team

We are responsible for the accreditation of work-based providers and higher education institutes for the PTP, STP and HSST programmes. We are also responsible for the recruitment processes to the STP and HSST programmes.

  • Liz Plumb

    Head of Accreditation and Admissions

  • Jasbir Daine

    Accreditation and Quality Manager

  • Rachael Peters

    Project Manager (Accreditation)

  • Steph Pinches

    Accreditation Casework Manager

  • Yumna Aziz

    Accreditation Casework Manager

  • Javairia Khan

    Lead Administrator (Accreditation)

  • Rosanna Nolan

    Recruitment Project Manager (Admissions)

  • Caroline Thompson

    Recruitment Officer (Admissions)

  • Harry Dowling

    Recruitment Officer (Admissions)