Healthcare scientists make a real difference to patients every day and they are involved in 80% of all clinical decisions in the NHS. They are also involved in developing some of the most amazing clinical and technological advancements.

You will find healthcare scientists in many of the different areas of the NHS, so if you are passionate about technology or science, and about helping others, a career in healthcare science offers a wide range of opportunities.

Take a look at some of the healthcare science roles below.

NHS National profiles for healthcare science

The NHS consists of similar roles throughout the country which share common features. To ensure consistency in these roles they are matched against national job profiles which also help to determine which Agenda for Change pay band they should sit in. A national job profile is based on the job description, person specification and related additional information of a particular role. They are produced by the Job Evaluation Group (JEG) and are available on the NHS Employers website. Also available at NHS Employers is the job evaluation handbook, pay and conditions circular and the NHS terms and conditions of service handbook.

The recently updated national profiles for healthcare science are now available.

Accredited Scientific Practice (ASP) programmes

Accredited Scientific Practice (ASP) enables employers to develop bespoke, responsive, short course programmes to meet training needs within the Healthcare Science workforce. ASP programmes provide a quality assured, rigorously assessed qualification which leads to voluntary professional registration with the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS). Content from all levels of the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) programme portfolio is available for inclusion in short courses proposed by employers, providing an additional route to the ongoing professional and scientific development of the HCS workforce.

More information about healthcare science careers can be found on the Health Careers website.