Life as a Healthcare Scientist

Last updated: 4th August 2021

Watch some of these short videos produced by our colleagues in the NHS about Healthcare Science roles.

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

This short film from the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust highlights the role that science plays in healthcare, and the fantastic work that our healthcare scientists do.

Health Careers

This short film from Health Careers features Ruth, a Clinical Healthcare Scientist from Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust. Ruth talks about her role and what it involves on a daily basis. You can view more videos from the Health Careers ‘A patient’s journey’ playlist below.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This video from Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, showcases the range of careers available in Healthcare Science at the Trust.

STP Tea Break Chats on YouTube

This channel was set up by an STP trainee to give people more information on the Scientist Training Programme (STP) with the help of other trainees. These videos aim to show you what healthcare scientists get up to day-to-day, all in the space of a tea break.

The Scouse Scientist on YouTube

Trying to break down the stereotypes associated with careers in science whilst educating about genetic testing. This channel gives an insight into the life of a Clinical Scientist in Genetics in the NHS.