Clinical Pharmaceutical Science

Clinical Pharmaceutical Science involves the manufacture and supply of radioactive substances used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.


Healthcare science staff working in this field train in the following four areas:

  • aseptic dispensing and preparation – oversight and maintenance of the facilities used to prepare sterile medicines
  • production units – developing methods for the safe production of new medicines
  • quality control – undertake a range of chemical and microbiological tests on medicines to ensure they are safe to use
  • radiopharmacy – manufacturing and supplying radioactive substances used in nuclear medicine, which may be injected into the bloodstream, swallowed or breathed in. They are used to treat, diagnose and monitor the effects of therapies for cancer patients and are also used for investigating various other medical conditions such as heart, and kidney disease.

Clinical Pharmacists are usually based in the medical physics or radiology department of a hospital. Once qualified you will get a job that allows you to specialise in your area of interest.

Last updated on 23rd August 2021